GRAPE VARIETIES: Garnacha y Pinot Noir.
QUALIFICATION: Vintage and grape variety certified by ECCV.
AÑADA: 2018.
VINEYARD: Two vineyards: one of 0.7Has Pinot Noir in Fuenterrobles at 850m altitud, and the second one 0.5Has of Garnacha in Sietae Aguas, at 750m. Both of them in the inland of Valencia, dry farmed bush vineyards. Sustainable viticulture.

Tasting Notes

WINEMAKING: Vino de sed.
Both grape varieties are vinified separately. Pinot Noir is directly crushed to obtain the first must for fermentation at 14°C. Pre-fermentative cold maceration of Garnacha, followed by fermentation in an oak barrel of 6.500 liters.
Coupage takes place after two months.

COLOR: Bright red, medium, with purple hues.

AROMA: Clean and expressive, it reminds of fresh red berries – strawberries, raspberry and cherries- well integrated. Good volume and harmony.

TASTE: Pure fruit, fresh, ultralight yet with a good and pleasant complexity